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Samvita NAFDAC ApprovedSamvita NAFDAC ApprovedSamvita NAFDAC ApprovedSamvita NAFDAC Approved
Slide backgroundWest Africa Best Food Floor Processing Company in 2005 and 2007

West Africa

Best Food Floor

Processing Company

2005 & 2007


The Company

Since 2003

Samvita Food Processing Company Limited is a sole proprietorship engaged in the production of High Quality Cassava Food (HQCF). Over the years, we have grown in technology and our product has been certified by all necessary food regulatory agencies in Nigeria. Samvita has distinguished herself in its market niche by producing high quality products at reduced and competitive price for our customers


Our location have a good network of roads connecting the raw material producing area to the processing factory and to the marketing centers.

Our Cassava Food was awarded West Africa Best Food Floor Processing Company in 2005 and 2007 consecutively by the Institute of Direct Marketing of Nigeria. 

Samvita Food

Certified & Approved By


Our Goal

To produce  a mature & rich content Cassava and Plaintain based products for all categories of people


Our Vision

To ensure that with a passion for food processing excellence, our products are produced in accordance with NAFDAC regulations to consumers, at an afordable cost, within legal requirements and through utilizing company experience and best technology.

An Amazing Sugar Free Cassava Product

Suitable for all categories of people

In Nigeria, Cassava is the most important root crop. Apart from being a staple crop in both rural and urban households, cassava is a major source of income to cassava farmers and processors in the rural areas. Cassava alone contributes about 22% of agricultural GDP in Nigeria for food or domestic purposes but its industrial processing and utilization has been very limited. Currently there is a national program to boost the present level of cassava production in Nigeria.

The product has been found to be suitable for making a variety of pastries, whole or in the composite forms (cakes, cookies, doughnuts and breads) and convenience foods. It is also an acceptable raw material for the manufacture of industrial items such as textiles, plywood, paper, etc. (Dziedzoave et al, 2006). The processing of cassava roots into High quality cassava food (HQCF) as a primary industrial raw material has the potential to jump-start rural industrialization, increase market value of cassava and improved farmers’ earnings and their livelihoods.



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Very Smooth

SAMVITA FOOD is a new improved Cassava based product which is essentially produce for all categories of people. It is odourless, smooth and very satisfying and goes well with all kind of soup. Our product has low sugar which is appropriate for diabetic and aged ones


Easy to Prepare

SamVita swallow is one of Nigerian’s popular food. A lot of people like it because it is the closest to pounded yam that they can get, without actually going through the stress of pounding the Yam. SamVita is produced from a very pure and natural ingredient, with the best quality assurance and control measures giving an output that is delicious, very smooth and easy to prepare.

Rapid Digestion

SamVita food contains nutrients and vitamins essential for body metabolism. It is easy to digest and has a texture that is appealing. It undergoes an advanced food processing technology that ensures that the best output in terms of quality and nutrient is not compromised.

Health Benefits of  Consuming Samvita Cassava Food

Samvita Low Glycemic Index
Samvita Low Glycemic Index

Low Glycemic Index Value of 50.20 for Diabetic patients makes Samvita Food perfect for their consumption.

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Samvita Cassava Farm

West Africa

Best Food Floor

Processing Company

2005 & 2007


Samvita Cassava FarmWest Africa Best Food Floor Processing Company in 2005 and 2007

Our Target

To increase our market share, sales figures and profit margins and by this creating employment in the communities we operate. This we hope to achieve by adopting the following measures; focus on customer oriented services, maintain high quality cassava flour production, improve on our packaging  and expand our market.

Community Participation

Samvita has engaged over 30 individuals as direct hire and another 50 as indirect hire. Our involvement in the production of HQCF also helps to alleviate poverty in that it will give cassava farmers ready market for their excess production hence improved incomes. The business will help reduce post harvest losses and encourage primary processing of fresh cassava at the village level also creating extended jobs at both the rural and urban levels.

Samvita Food Processing & Farm Limited

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Corporate Office/Factory:

Okpaka Town,
Off DSC Express Road,
Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.
+234 (0)803 259 6136
+234 (0)811 481 2106


Ubulu – Okiti,
Aniocha South LGA,
Delta State, Nigeria.

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