SamVita swallow is one of Nigerian’s popular food. A lot of people like it because it is the closest to pounded yam that they can get, without actually going through the stress of pounding the Yam..

SamVita is produced from a very pure and natural ingredient, with the best quality assurance and control measures giving an output that is delicious, very smooth and easy to prepare.

SamVita food contains nutrients and vitamins essential for body metabolism. It is easy to digest and has a texture that is appealing. It undergoes an advanced food processing technology that ensures that the best output in terms of quality and nutrient is not compromised.

SAMVITA FOOD is a new improved Cassava based product which is essentially produce for all categories of people. It is odourless, smooth and very satisfying and goes well with all kind of soup. Our product has low sugar which is appropriate for diabetic and aged once

So if you are looking for a healthy swallow that has the necessary nutrients and attributes of a good food, chose SamVita and get a satisfying experience and value for your money.